Mindrise Hypnosis Offers

All the following programs are offered under our Mindrise Hypnosis Clickbank account. 
Our Clickbank ID is HYPNOTRUTH, you'll be seeing this a lot in your sales reports.

When you promote ANY of our products we will continue to promote ALL of our other programs (on your behalf) to them and you'll be compensated for each sale, whether it's a one time payment or ongoing monthly commissions from our membership programs.

The traffic you send is moving is moving into sales funnels that last the whole 60 days you can earn commission, which means you make exponentially more money!

You'll get paid on several high converting sales funnels and sales pages that are used to convert the traffic you send us and pay you commissions on all the following offers. No one else on Clickbank is doing this.

These are the programs available to promoteā€¦

Truth About Hypnosis

The Truth About Hypnosis is one of the highest converting programs we have because it uses a very unique, soft sell process and is a great value for anyone who is interested in hypnosis. The avg lifetime commission you earn per customer is a currently a staggering $80.13. This is because of the monthly program that is included with every customers order. The monthly program pays 50% commission on $27/mo and continues for 2 years.

Hypnosis Monthly (continuity)

Hypnosis Monthly Program

The Hypnosis Monthly program is pays 50% commission on the $27/mo charge. This program lasts for 2 years and since retention rates are so high on this program you'll be getting paid for a long time. 

Sleep At Will

Sleep at Will is another one of our top performers because so many people are looking for natural ways to sleep better. 
There are 2 high converting options for promoting this $27 program that pays 50%.

Dream Setting

It's estimated that only 3% of people set goals, which is why people love this program. Dream Setting helps people set goals hypnotically and you earn 50% of the $27 price.

My New Self Image

This is another unique program that converts. Use the tested promo emails to start making 50% on each sale of this $19.97 program.

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