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Horror movie hypnosis

{!firstname_fix},As a professional Hypnotist,people regularly ask me what itfeels like to be hypnotized.This always makes me laugh sinceeveryone has experienced hypnosis,even though they may not realize it.One of my favorite examples of hypnosis whichis one of the most common, is what I call"movie hypnosis".Have you ever been to a horror movie?Sitting in a theatre with a bunch of people,as safe as you can be and yet, as you watchthese people getting chased in dark forestswith scary music playing- your muscles becometense, your breathing becomes shallow, yourheart rate increases and you feel nervous...-as if YOU were the one being chased.This is hypnosis...-your imagination is causing you toFEEL things that are not actually real.Logically it doesn't make any sensethat you would feel scared.I mean,you're in a public place with other people,you know that you're just watching actors,and you know that it isn't "REAL",but...your body is still responding as ifit were "REAL" because unconsciously,your imagination is more powerful than logic...and that in a nutshell is hypnosis.This is very powerful because it confirmsthat our minds can influence how we feelas much as reality does (in some cases more)And it may seem trivial when we're talkingabout movies, but imagine if you could utilizethis power in your own life, and use it tocontrol how you felt in any situation.This is what is possible when you canrun your own mind. But, you can only dothat by going directly to the source ofyour habitual thoughts, emotions and behaviors...your UNCONSCIOUS MIND.And the quickest and most powerful wayI've ever seen to access and program yourUnconscious Mind is with Hypnosis (and NLP).Learning Hypnosis has given me the skills totransform my body, relationships and income level.And I believe that it can do the same for you.But don't take my word for it, test drive thefirst month of my hypnosis training programand see for yourself...==> http://truthabouthypnosis.com/private-training/I created this hypnosis training programso that you can quickly and easily learn to usehypnosis right from the comfort of your computer.And right now you can start nowfor less than the price of a fancy coffee...==> http://truthabouthypnosis.com/private-training/to your success,JimPS: Stop trying to "figure out" all your problems,and instead learn how to program your mind.==> http://truthabouthypnosis.com/private-training/

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