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subj: The downside of setting goals (and how to avoid it)

alternate subj: Why goal setting sucks…


Chances are, at some point in your
life you’ve sat down and set goals.

You got excited, maybe created a plan,
and started taking action.

Then, the next thing you know,
your motivation is GONE and you’re
struggling every step of the way.
And to make it worse you have
no clue why it’s happening.

What’s surprising is that you ARE NOT
the only one this is happening too.

In fact, this is EXACTLY what many
of Master Hypnotist, Jim Katsoulis’
clients were experiencing!

He knew if he could figure this out,
he’d be able to help people get much
better results. So he sat down and
really thought about it…

And that’s when it struck him.
The whole idea of “goals” are the problem.

Goals have that somewhat meaningless
“get there fast” mentality to them.

And sometimes goals get you so hyped up
for that future moment of achievement,
that you completely lose touch with
the present moment.

You’ve probably seen for yourself
that it can be very frustrating when
goals begin to feel more like chores.

And let’s face it,
setting goals can even be SCARY.

Have you ever set a goal, and felt like
you’re “locked in” and you can’t give up,
because then you would be labeled a “quitter”?

After some more thinking, he realized…
“This idea seems totally flawed.”

Why would anyone want to struggle while
constantly dealing with the fear of failing
in the back of their mind just to get to some
future destination as fast as they can?

It just doesn’t seem right.

And it also makes you wonder the point
of doing any of this in the first place.

It’s pretty clear that when you start
questioning your motives, you lose excitement
and that burst of motivation you had in the
beginning starts to fade.

And we know that motivation is the MOST
important factor in achieving anything.

So Why Does This Happen When We Set Goals?

The reason this happens is because goals
draw their energy from the CONSCIOUS MIND.

The conscious mind is simply that rational,
logical part of you that chatters to yourself
througout the day.

It’s the part of your brain that tries to
“figure things out” and find “reasons” for
why things happen… even when there aren’t any.

Simply put, the biggest problem with using your
conscious mind to achieve goals is that your
conscious mind heavily relies on will power
to get things done.

And We Both Know Will Power Doesn’t Last Very Long.

Sure, you can force yourself to set a goal,
and try your hardest to stick with it.

Maybe it will work. Maybe it won’t.

The point is, the whole idea is just flawed.
Basically, you’re fighting AGAINST your own
habits and going against the current.

And if you don’t remove limiting beliefs
you cripple your chances of any future success.

Think About It.

Your brain has spent years learning
to do things a certain way.

You have your daily routine, and you’re
pretty much set “on track” with where
your life is going.

Now, all of the sudden, you come along
with a goal & expect everything to change?

Sorry, but it just doesn’t work that way.

No matter how much you try to push, fight,
or force yourself to succeed, your beliefs
will keep you right where you have always been.

That’s Why You Must Change Them

The key is knowing how to change your beliefs
to support the dreams you want to achieve.

Basically, when you have the right beliefs
that SUPPORT your dreams, your daily habits
naturally fall into place, and you start heading
in the direction of your dreams automatically.

That’s because dreams are powered by beliefs
that reside in your subconscious mind.


And science tells us that the
subconscious mind is very powerful.
It controls ALL of your habits automatically.
To prove it, just ask yourself this:
How often do you have to THINK about brushing
your teeth, taking a shower, driving to work,
making dinner, when to go to sleep, or when to wake up?

The answer is never. That’s because your
subconscious mind handles ALL of this.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Naturally &
Automatically Move In The Direction Of Your Dreams ?

You can when you know how to
properly “set” your dreams.


Once you know how to dream effectively,
by bringing out that childlike dreamer
inside you that believes anything is
possible and the sky is the limit,
you’re naturally motivated to make it happen.

When your dream is set in your mind,
you find new meaning and a true sense
purpose to live it every.

As you pursue your dream, you’re free from
“failure” because you aren’t tied to strict
deadlines and exact specific outcomes.

Plus, if your dream is no longer important to
you, you can just scrap it. No big deal.

Because once your beliefs are in line with the
life you truly want, it’s easier to make simple
course corrections since you know where you’re going.

When you have a CLEAR idea of what dreams are
important to you, and believe from the START
that they are possible, than it’s MUCH easier
to move towards them.

If you’re ready to “set your dreams” and change the
course of your life, get started now by going here…

to your success,



subject: Hypnotic Goal Setting?


As a professional hypnotist,
Jim Katsoulis discovered some
profound secrets of change and motivation
that he would like to share with you.

The first and most important one is that our
unconscious minds are servo-mechanisms.

Just like a thermostat operates by keeping the
temperature between a pre-defined range, our minds
are constantly operating in the background to make
sure that we are within our predefined settings.

Our predefined financial settings
Our predefined emotional settings
Our predefined weight settings
and every other aspect of your life.

Think about this.

Have you ever noticed that your weight stays
in a certain range, same with your income,
and your habits.

There may be temporary changes, but more
often than not, things return to how they were.

But you can change this.
You just have to understand your mind a
little differently and change up your approach.

In order to create real change you need
to “reset” your unconscious settings.


Now the next thing I learned about motivation
and change is that people often sabotage themselves
by concentrating on what they don’t want to be.

How does telling yourself to stop being a dumb
lazy slob who overeats and fails at everything,
make you feel?

Do you feel motivated?

It’s much different when you say:
“I love myself and I want to eat fresh foods
and move more, so that I have the energy to
generate a boatload of money and do what I want.”

Notice the difference in feelings.

In order to create real change you need
to know exactly what you want to experience.


Now getting back to the question,
why hypnotic goal setting?

The reason is simple. The success
you experience setting goals, is
directly related to your attitude
WHILE you’re setting them.

The first thing you need to
do is feel incredible.

Once you feel incredible you’re going to be
amazed at how different your thinking becomes.

And now it becomes much easier to
identify clearly what your dreams are.

What you want to experience in life
and who you want to experience it with.

Remember those times when you really felt like
you were on a roll, how the ideas just kept flowing.
And when you feel this way it is simple to create
a plan that works.

Once you have a plan you’re ready for the fun part.
Because now you can install your new dreams
into your unconscious mind, so that they begin to
manifest themselves automatically in your life.

Does this sound exciting?

There are moments in life when everything can
change. It always starts with a decision.

One of my favorite quotes is:
“If you don’t know where you’re going,
any road will take you there.”

Know where you are going.

to your success,

PS- This is a promotional price for this
program. This is not the regular price.



subject: Only 3% of the population does this…

subject: can you believe only 3% of the population does this?


How can only 3% of us do this?

How can something that is absolutely necessary
for success, be ignored by so many people?

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint.
You wouldn’t drive somewhere new without directions.
(unless you’re a man)
and you shouldn’t live your life without doing this.

What am I talking about?

Setting goals and becoming clear
on exactly what you want in life.

Have you done it?

Do you want to make more money,
would you like to change your body,
or go on a life changing vacation?

It all starts with a decision and a plan…

But, the first thing you need to do
is change the word goals to dreams.
What are your dreams?
What do you want to experience in your life?

These questions need to be asked,
and more importantly, need to be answered.

Which is why I’m telling you about a program called:
Dream Setting – Designing Your Destiny

In this program you use the power of hypnosis
to help you free your mind and connect with
your deepest desires and dreams…
…and turn them into reality.

This 90 minute seminar will change your
life as it happens. At the end you will
know exactly what you want, and you will
have a plan to make it happen.

This could be one of the best
investments you’ve ever made.

The peace of mind that comes with knowing
what you want in your life, and knowing exactly
what to do to make it happen are priceless.

So, take action and become part of the elite 3%
who know something the other 97% don’t…
what they want in life

to your success,

PS- This is a promotional price for this
program. This is not the regular price.



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