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subj: Mind over metabolism

Hi %$firstname$%,

When people hear about the
Program Yourself Thin method,
the first question they ask is

‘Why does it work?’

let me explain…

You have the ability to learn things
very quickly, as a matter of fact
you can learn things so quickly
that sometimes you don’t even
realize you learned them.


Let me give you an example:

(but you have to make a promise
to do it before you can keep reading)


I want you to hold both hands in front of you…
interlace your fingers and clasp your hands together.


Now look down and see which thumb is on top.

Now pull your hands apart
and get ready to put them back together,


this time put them together so that
the other thumb is on top.

Feels weird, doesn’t it?

See this is because at some point
in your life you learned how to
clasp your hands, and once it was
learned, it became automatic so that
you never had to think about it again.
Now you might be thinking:

‘That’s great, but what in the
world does this have to do with losing weight?’

The answer is that this is the same
part of your brain that controls:
-your eating habits
-your feelings about exercising
-and what you believe you should weigh,


So when you want to really
lose weight and keep it off,
this is where you need to
focus your attention, not on willpower.

And when you do, you are going to
find that it is easier to
lose weight and keep it
off than you ever dreamed possible.

Yes, having the body you want can be effortless.
Yes, it would be fun to feel attractive.
Yes, changing your life is easy when you know how.

have you made your decision?

make it happen:


to your beautiful body,,
Jim Katsoulis

PS- Remember that this program is a completely
new approach to weight loss, so you’re going to get
completely new results.



Subject: Do you still cut the ends off the rib roast?

Hi %$firstname$%,

I recently heard a story
about a mother and her 10 year old
daughter that teaches a valuable lesson.

One night the mother was preparing dinner.

The daughter was watching everything
the mother was doing, from chopping up
the vegetables to seasoning the sauces.

Everything was going fine until the
mother cut the ends off the rib roast.

‘Why did you do that?’, the little girl asked.
‘Because that is how my mom did it’, the mother answered.
‘Well why did she do it?’
‘You know I’m not really sure, let’s call her and find out.’

So she called her mother and asked her why
she had always cut the ends off the rib roasts.

‘Because that is how my mom did it’, was the response.

‘Do you know why she did that?’

‘Now that I think about it, I don’t know,
let me call her and ask her why.’

So the little girl’s grandmother called her
own mother who was very old at this point,
and she asked her the same question,
‘Mom, when you would cook rib roasts,
why did you always cut the ends off?

‘Because the roast wouldn’t fit in the oven dear.’

It is human nature to learn by watching the people
around us, this is especially true when we are young

When it comes to losing weight
most of us were taught to eat less,
but that doesn’t work for long term success.

So, what’s a person to do?

Realize that their are simple
and effective solutions out there
that you had not considered until now.

And one of them is right here:


P.S. Being thin is easy when you know how to be thin


Subject: Return of the Fat…

Hi %$firstname$%,

Have you ever known anyone,
who made a decision to go on a diet,
actually stuck to it until they lost the
all the weight they wanted to?

Only to run into them a few
months later and find that they
had gained all of it back…
plus more?

Has this ever happened to you?

It doesn’t have to be that way…

One of the reasons that this happens
over and over again is because people
have not been taught how to use their
brains effectively.

is a master at maintaining
their weight perfectly.

Granted they may be 50
pounds too heavy, but they
are able to stay within 4 to 5
pounds of their their usual poundage,

without much thought.

You see we have an internal
setting that automatically

controls our weight.

When you change this setting through the
techniques in this program

your habits begin to change automatically
and you find that your
body begins transforming
before your eyes with
barely a thought.

Now, when you notice
those people that lose the
weight only to gain it all back…

You are looking at people that made

the tragic mistake of not changing the

self image they have on the inside,
to one of a thin person.


the mind rejects this new body
because it doesn’t match up
with the person they believe
they are on the inside.

we are built to be successful. It is
only a matter of understanding how
to use our minds correctly.


PS- it’s never too late to transform your body.
It just starts with a decision:


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