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This is one of our top funnels and it's not hard to see why. 

You offer your list a Custom Made Self Hypnosis Session for Weight Loss for FREE. 
(Click Here to See The Optin Page)

After they optin, they'll get a one time offer for the Thin Formula for $47. 

If they don't take it, the offer is extended for 72 hours.

Then we send them emails filled with valuable content that also promote the offer.
(click here to see the sale page). 

This funnel works and it offers a ton of value. The best part is after this funnel ends they go into the First Five Pounds funnel. You continue to get paid well after the first mailing with this funnel.

Use this affiliate link to send to the custom session optin page.

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subject: [Free Download] Custom-Made Weight Loss Self Hypnosis Session

Hi Name,

If you want to lose weight, but are struggling to get yourself motivated,
I have something that's really going to help.

Master Hypnotist and Weight loss expert, Jim Katsoulis has spent
the last 15 years helping people transform their bodies and has come up
with some very powerful mental techniques for reprogramming your mind
to get motivated, eat better and put y our weight loss on autopilot.

If you would like to experience the power of this approach first hand, 
just go to this page he'll send you a customized self hypnosis session
to kick start your weight loss for free...

to your success,
Your name

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